Who We Serve

Kids who could use the support of a behavior specialist.

Your child can flourish

We welcome bright children who need extra support with self-regulation, executive functioning, and/or social-emotional learning in the classroom.

Many children can benefit from the supportive structure of The Burkard School. A child with ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, high-functioning Asperger’s or autism, or other underlying challenge that makes it difficult to conform to a traditional classroom setting can flourish in our environment. A diagnosis is not necessary for admission. With our level of support, our students are able to be engaged, on-task, and regulated the majority of the school day. That support includes: a small classroom size of no more than 10 students per classroom through 5th grade and 12 students in middle school, a behavior specialist dedicated to each classroom, and explicit social-emotional learning instruction every day. It does not include psychological or occupational therapies.

The Burkard School offers rigorous academics and accepts students who are capable of working at or above grade level. However, we understand that your child’s maladaptive behavior in the previous classroom settings might have prevented them from accessing their full education. It is not uncommon for our students to come to us having missed significant instructional time and as a result have some gaps in their grade level content knowledge. We meet your child where they are academically in order to unlock their learning potential. Please note, however, that The Burkard School does not have learning specialists on staff and so cannot support students demonstrating significant learning differences.

Sending our son to school used to be incredibly stressful. He struggles quite a bit with self-regulation and with the intensity of his emotions. At the same time, he has many gifts in both sports and academics. We struggled to find a place that could both help him and at the same time notice and nurture his gifts. The Burkard School is the first place that has been able to recognize both sides of him. The staff is there to teach him, use his gifts, and help him grow, and they’re there to help him when he’s having a hard day. We’ve learned so much from working with the staff and, most importantly, our son feels understood and loves going to school. We feel incredibly lucky to have found this amazing school.
Parents of a 3rd grader

We enrolled our son at The Burkard School during the second half of his 2nd grade school year. At his previous school, our son was feeling angry, sad and misunderstood. At the Burkard School he feels surrounded by teachers and staff who genuinely care for him. He doesn’t feel judged in those moments when he requires a higher level of social and emotional guidance, and everyone here is truly joyful witnessing and nourishing my son’s innate gifts. As parents, we are deeply grateful to have our son enrolled here.
Parents of a 3rd grader

A small independent K-8 school for bright children who need extra support with self-regulation, executive functioning, and/or social-emotional learning in the classroom.

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