Sending our son to school used to be incredibly stressful. He struggles quite a bit with self-regulation and with the intensity of his emotions. At the same time, he has many gifts in both sports and academics. We struggled to find a place that could both help him and at the same time notice and nurture his gifts. The Burkard School is the first place that has been able to recognize both sides of him. The staff is there to teach him, use his gifts, and help him grow, and they’re there to help him when he’s having a hard day. We’ve learned so much from working with the staff and, most importantly, our son feels understood and loves going to school. We feel incredibly lucky to have found this amazing school.

Parents of a 3rd grader

Our son Wesley was student number three at the Burkard School.  Our path to the school started when we realized that our bright child would not succeed in a traditional school, we were worried that we might not find the right social and academic setting for him. Our doctor referred us to the Burkard School and right away we found that the teachers and staff understood Wesley and his needs. When he displayed unexpected behaviors, he was not shamed but supported. In just one year, he has grown leaps and bounds in his social and emotional skills, which has made him a happier child and reduced our family’s stress significantly. Best of all, I now feel confident that Wesley will reach his full potential as a student, friend, and later as a happy member of society.

Parents of a 1st grader

Our son is flourishing at The Burkard School. We have watched him transform into a more confident, self assured, and happy child who enjoys going to school now. He has learned new tools to help himself understand what his body needs and given the freedom to flex those options throughout the day. He seems more comfortable now with verbal expression of his feelings and shows a new sense of empathy for others. The teachers and staff at TBS have been extremely organized, positive, thoughtful and compassionate. We are watching our son unfold academically now that he is in place that truly sees him and understands his inherent strengths, as well as, his challenges. We are so grateful to have found such a great school for our son!

C. Nelson, Parent of 1st grader

Our now-first-grader had a rough start to kindergarten; we got a phone call almost every day that he was having behavioral troubles of one kind or another. We had no idea a school like TBS existed; fortunately, we heard about it and decided to give it a try. Within 2 days our son made a 180 and his anxiety lessened. He started learning how to cope with his anxiety and manage his regulation. His teacher and classroom behavioralists bent over backward to teach him the skills he needs to not only function in the world but thrive. Which is exactly what he is learning how to do. At age 6, even he knows that he is at a special place.

Best of all? No more phone calls!
Parents of a 1st grader

A new independent K-8 school for bright children who need extra support with self-regulation, executive functioning, and/or social-emotional learning in the classroom.

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